Muffle Furnaces

Laboratory furnaces are high temperature furnaces and used with different purposes in laboratories. They are also called as bench furnaces, ashing furnaces, muffle furnaces, chamber furnaces, dental furnaces. They are designed to reach up to 1800°C although some applications require more than 1800°C. The most popular laboratory furnaces have the maximum working temperature 1100°C – 1200°C.

The working temperature and inner volume are the main concerns to choose laboratory furnaces. Their volume change between 3 liters – 50 liters and usually required volumes are between 3liters – 20 liters .

Laboratory Furnaces have mainly three parts; electronic control unit, inner chamber and insulation. The working principle is to heat the air in the chamber by heating the resistance wires via electricity. Controlling the temperature depends on the performance of the electronic control unit and better performance can be maintained by PID controlled units. Laboratory furnaces usually do not contain a complicated cooling unit. Most of the time a simple fan system is installed and cooling is performed by this simple fan system supported by a chimney. At the same time, some released gases which are taken out from the inner chamber through this chimney. This system is very useful to remove corrosive gases from the furnace inner chamber.

We as Tetra Isı Sistemleri / Istanbul are manufacturer of PID controlled laboratory equipments and focused on high temperature laboratory furnaces, although low temperatures products ( Such as 30oC – 100oC range heating equipments ) are included in the product range.

MagmaTherm which is the brand name of the laboratory furnaces of Tetra Isı Sistemleri. MagmaTherm Laboratory Furnaces have many advantages. They enable end users to follow the heating process very easily.

Advantages of MagmaTherm Laboratory Furnaces